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Some Weddings You'll Never Forget

This is the first blog of many where we will point out weddings we have done, that we will never forget.

Lauren and Jordan May 22, 2021... The Clubhouse at Baywood, Millsboro, DE

This wedding caught us off guard! Let me start by saying that we adopted this couple due to Covid shutting down another DJ company. I met with Lauren and Jorden on Zoom to discuss their vision and hopes for the wedding that was only 3 weeks away. The meeting went great, Lauren and Jorden were very laid back and chill. I mean they just found out that the DJ they had, unfortunately, was no longer in business due to Covid and they were now talking with me, someone they never met... and they were so understanding, and chill! ... This was the first time I was "caught off guard".

The wedding was in Delaware, Millsboro Delaware, we are in Toms River New Jersey. This was an almost 4-hour trip one way. But hey, the job has to get done!

When we arrived we loved the venue, the load-in was easy, the staff was great and the view was awesome! We were excited to get started. But the cocktail hour was on the putting green and music was taken care of by the venue. So we chilled and enjoyed the atmosphere while we waited.

After cocktail hour we welcomed the guests to the room, lined up the bridal party, and began introductions. The energy was great with parents coming into Rob Base " It Takes Two", the bridal party being introduced to T.I " Bring Em Out" followed by Lauren and Jorden to Calvin Harris " Feel So Close"!

We then invited them onto the dancefloor to make some history, and dance to their first song together as husband and wife, "Precious Love" by James Morrison. It was beautiful, elegant, and very classy. You could feel the connection these two had and it was pretty awesome.

After the bride and groom first dance, and the dances with their parents we had everyone take their seats and begin speeches, enjoy dinner and get set to open the dancefloor.

This my friends, is "where we were caught off guard", a second time!

Remember back at the beginning of this blog... when I told you Lauren and Jordan were, Chill, Laid Back?

Well........ They left that behind because Jordan, Lauren, their parents, siblings, and guests proceeded to party like they never partied before. from the time we opened the dancefloor this couple and their guests danced, sang, and partied their butts off for 3 hours!

It was a wedding I know I will never forget... I'm pretty sure they won't either. And that's the best part about what we do. Creating lasting memories for some pretty cool people. We love what we do, and it shows!

So to sum things up... we took on a wedding with 3 weeks of prep time. We drove 8 hours round trip to make sure Lauren and Jordan had the best wedding possible!

Thanks for enjoying this memory with me. Till next time...

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