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Wedding Day Emergency Kit Every Bride Should Have!!

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit can be a lifesaver for a bride, ensuring that she's prepared for any unexpected situations or last-minute mishaps.

Here is Allstar Entertainments' list of 20 essential items that every bride should consider including in her wedding day emergency kit:

1. Safety pins: Useful for quick fixes on clothing, securing loose straps, or fixing hems.

2. Sewing kit: Include needles, thread in various colors, scissors, and extra buttons for wardrobe emergencies.

3. Fashion tape: Ideal for securing loose hems, adjusting neckline gaps, or keeping straps in place.

4. Mini stain remover pen: Accidents happen, and having a stain remover pen can help tackle unexpected spills on the wedding gown or bridesmaid dresses.

5. Clear nail polish: Can be used to prevent runs in stockings or secure loose threads.

6. Tissues: For tears of joy, makeup touch-ups, or to dab away sweat.

7. Band-Aids and blister cushions: To soothe any unexpected blisters or uncomfortable shoe situations.

8. Pain relievers: Headaches or minor aches and pains can occur, so having pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be handy.

9. Breath mints or spray: To keep your breath fresh throughout the day.

10. Extra makeup: Pack your essential makeup items for touch-ups, including lipstick, powder, mascara, and eyeliner.

11. Hairpins, hair ties, and a small comb: These can help with quick fixes or adjustments to hairstyles.

12. Deodorant: Stay fresh and odor-free throughout the day.

13. Extra earring backs: In case one goes missing.

14. Antacid or digestive aids: Nerves and the excitement of the day can upset the stomach, so having these on hand can help ease any discomfort.

15. Mini sewing scissors: Useful for trimming loose threads or emergency fabric fixes.

16. Wet wipes: Great for cleaning spills, refreshing your face, or wiping away makeup smudges.

17. Clear umbrella or poncho: In case of unexpected rain, these can help protect the bride and her dress.

18. Phone charger: Ensure your phone stays charged throughout the day.

19. Snacks and water: It's essential to stay hydrated and have some light snacks to keep your energy levels up.

20. Contact information: Have a list of important phone numbers, including vendors, family members, and the wedding planner, in case you need to reach out to someone urgently.

Remember, this list is a general guide, and you can customize it based on your specific needs and preferences. It's always a good idea to consult with your wedding planner or someone experienced in wedding preparation to ensure you haven't missed anything important.

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