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Welcome Back!

We missed you! No, really we did. I have been Djing weddings and events since I was 18 years old. The longest period of time I have gone without djing during that time is 6 weeks after surgery. When the shutdown began in March I am not going to lie, I was thinking this could be a nice break. I was wrong, it was miserable. I missed the music, I missed being apart of something special week after week. It was 2 weeks and I was ready to come back.

As the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, we didn't just sit around waiting. We worked on our craft, I worked on my company, we all worked on creating an even better experience for our clients when we finally were allowed to work again. We updated our music, cleaned our equipment, changed out old cables... and we waited. Then we worked on new mixes, looked for ways to improve our lighting, and we waited. Then we waited, and we waited, and waited...

The 5 months we didn't work were long and stressful, they were tedious and boring. But, they made us better businessmen, better DJs, better MCs, but most of all better human beings. As I said, we missed you. And it feels great to be back. We are not out of the woods or back to normal yet,

But we are back and that's whats matters to us most right now.

Thank you to our clients for working with us through this confusing and stressful time. We definitely have the best clients in New Jersey. See you soon!

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