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Planning Apps Are A Great Tool

Is your DJ still using paper or emails to plan your wedding or event? Come on people it’s 2020 ( I know I know you don’t have to say it lol) and you deserve better!! Three years ago we ran into Michael Mahler of Vibo at the Atlantic City DJ Convention. Now I have to tell you I’m a very skeptical person... I do not like being the first person in my market to try something new. What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s buggy? What if my clients don’t like it?? Well 10 minutes talking with Michael and seeing what this App can do and I was sold. Sold so much that I left the convention, and drove home to set up my Vibo account and get started setting up my clients.

Well as I stated that was 3 years ago and I am still using Vibo! Without a doubt it has been the absolute best tool I’ve added to my arsenal. It has made my life and my clients experience so much easier and so much more enjoyable.

What is Vibo you ask? Well Vibo is basically our Wedding Planning App. Once we set you up on the App you can fill out all your planning forms. Everything from Introduction list to your timeline. You even get to pick your music. By music I mean everything, your intro songs, first dance, parent dances, bouquet, cake etc...

Now are you ready fir the best part? You can invite guests to make requests ahead of time. I love this because it gives me an idea of what your guests like. Now yes we still read your crowd and select songs , we still take requests. But showing up to your wedding or event with a short list of what you and your guests want to dance to gives us an edge and a head start at making your event unforgettable!! So if your DJ isn’t using an planning app, give Allstar Entertainment a call 609-271-3900 or visit our website and let us show you how this incredible tool is changing the way weddings snd events are being planned today.

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